MirrorManager at FUDCon Lawrence

  1. OpenLMI = Open Linux Management Infrastructure software to manage systems based on DMTF standards. http://del.ly/6019VxOl
  2. Mark Langsdorf from @calxeda is demonstrating the ECX1000 #armserver SoC based build hardware going in PHX at #fudcon pic.twitter.com/hgfo2mO7
  3. @ralphbean talking about fedmsg at #fudconhttp://del.ly/6015VxTD . I need to think about how @mirrormanager can leverage this.
  4. Hyperkitty is a new Mailman mailing list graphical front end, bringing email lists into the 21st century.

I look forward to next year’s FUDCon, wherever it happens to be.

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