Linux Plumbers Conference 2010 – User-visible Network Problems track links

At Linux Plumbers Conference in Cambridge this morning, we will be covering several networking issues that have specific implications on userspace programs or system administrator behavior.  Links below are to join us (virtually).  In addition, video of the sessions will be available following.

Topics and their discussion leaders:

  • Challenges in Mobile Networking – Dan Williams
  • Network Device Naming – Matt Domsch
  • Scaling techniques in the stack for servers with high connection rates – Ying Cai
  • Simplifying network configuration for VMs by harmonizing multiple Bridging, QOS, DCB and CNA implementations – Shyam Iyer

To join:

IRC: #lpc2010-thomas-paine on FreeNode

Etherpad (live note taking):

Slide decks:

Twitter and Use hashtag #lpc2010

LPC Wiki links: