s3cmd 1.5.2 – major update coming to Fedora and EPEL

As new upstream maintainer for the popular s3cmd program, I have been collecting and making fixes all across the codebase for several months. In the last couple weeks it has finally gotten stable enough to warrant publishing a formal release. Aside from bugfixes, its primary enhancement is adding support for the AWS Signature v4 method, which is required to create S3 buckets in the eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) region, and is a more secure request-signing method usable in all AWS S3 regions. Since releasing s3cmd v1.5.0, python 2.7.9 (as exemplified in Arch Linux) added support for SSL certificate validation. Unfortunately, that validation broke for SSL wildcard certificates (e.g. *.s3.amazonaws.com). Ubuntu 14.04 has an intermediate flavor of this validation, which also broke s3cmd. A couple quick fixes later, and v1.5.2 is published now.

I’ve updated the packages in Fedora 20, 21, and rawhide. EPEL 6 and 7 epel-testing repositories has these as well. If you use s3cmd on RHEL/CentOS, please upgrade to the package in epel-testing and give it karma. Bug reports are welcome at https://github.com/s3tools/s3cmd.