FUDConF13: Toronto Videos

I’ve just posted 2 videos shot at FUDConF13 Toronto last week.  I’m afraid I haven’t done justice though…

  1. Moksha, by Luke Macken.  My camera cut out after the first 10 minutes, so that’s all we’ve got.
  2. The last 20 minutes of the Fedora Infrastructure: Sysadmins  vs. Developers love-in, taken by Adam Williamson.

If anyone else has video or audio from this or other Fedora events you’d care to share, please contact me and I’ll help you get it into proper ogg format, tagged, and posted to Fedora Infrastructure servers for distribution.

4 thoughts on “FUDConF13: Toronto Videos

  1. Thanks for the videos, Matt. Sadly, the first part of my session was me trying to haul through last years high-level slides to bring people up to speed, and all of the good stuff was at the end. I’ll have to throw together a screencast to try and do it some justice.

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    • Mizmo: if you post it somewhere I can get it, I can upload it. Otherwise, you can apply for membership in the altvideos group in the Fedora Account System, and then you can upload it yourself directly. I’ll provide detailed instructions in that case.

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