Linux Against Poverty event on Saturday

On Saturday morning, in Austin, TX, a couple dozen local Linux enthusiasts will gather at Union Park to receive donated computers and parts, refurbish what is usable, recycle what is not, and in the end produce 300+ working Linux systems to be given to Central Texas children who would otherwise not have access to a computer at home. Linux Against Poverty, a program started in 2009 by Lynn Bender of GeekAustin and Ken Starks of The Helios Project, collected over 200 computers at last year’s event, and has even loftier goals for this year’s event.

Perhaps you’ve recently upgraded a home system, and haven’t gotten around to recycling that still usable but maybe a little older system. What better way to put it to use than to donate it to Linux Against Poverty (and get a tax deduction in the process), where it will be refurbished and put to good use for local area schoolchildren?

Computers and parts can be dropped off on Saturday, June 19, at the Union Park restaurant, 6th St. between Nueces and Rio Grande, between 11am and 6pm. Volunteers will help you unload the computer from your car, and give you a tax deductible receipt.