Fedora Test Day today – please join us

Today is the official  Fedora Test Day for Consistent Network Device Naming.  Given all the coverage this week on NetworkWorld and Slashdot, I would like to see widespread testing of this feature, to assuage the concerns and misconceptions raised there.  Testing is simple – download and boot the LiveISO, and report success or failure on the wiki page.  You can even try it out on a running Fedora 14 instance if you like.

The Dell engineers who have been working on this for years will be online in #fedora-test-day on FreeNode IRC today if you have any questions.  Please join us.  Thanks for your time and participation.

3 thoughts on “Fedora Test Day today – please join us

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  2. Reiterating a comment from your previous post that didn’t get answered:

    Regarding the use of # in the PCI names, I realize that you’ve worked around a few cases where this breaks, but have you considered just using another character instead? pci[slot]p[port] would work just as well (and even indicate “port” a bit more mnemonically), as would pci[slot]_[port].

    • Yes, it’s under consideration. Problem is, nearly every non-alpha character is special to something. pci2p1_foo is, IMO, somewhat difficult to parse. Considering using @, or ‘p’ instead. We’ll see how many things break during the Test Day, and that will help influence the direction. We’ve already tripped up an anaconda kickstart parser bug (it assumes # anywhere starts a comment, to EOL), and perhaps one in rng. No doubt there will be more.

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