Finding New Fedora Mirrors

For a few years now I’ve been the self-proclaimed Fedora Mirror Wrangler.  As part of the Fedora Infrastructure team,I try to keep several hundred volunteer mirror administrators worldwide happy.  Especially around release time, want to be sure that we have as many mirrors online and synced up as possible.

I was excited to see this post on the openSUSE Planet, describing a new mirror set up in Indonesia for their content.  As it happens, at least four of the mirrors noted there also carry Fedora content – four which were previously unknown to me.  I’ve added,,, and to Fedora’s list now. That should add significantly faster service for Fedora users in Indonesia.

I suspect there are many more public Fedora mirror servers, just like these, which aren’t currently registered in MirrorManager. If you use a mirror that isn’t listed, please let me know. If you’re a mirror administrator that would like to be listed, please see our instructions. And thank you!

5 thoughts on “Finding New Fedora Mirrors

  1. Following the same trick, I have looked at the mirror lists from openSUSE, Mandriva, and Ubuntu, and have added 33 mirrors to Fedora’s mirror lists.

  2. Its one thing to be a mirror and available to those that wish to configure it manually , another to be included in the automatic infrastructure of the mirrorlist+yum. You should ask the admins of those servers before adding them.

    • Yanko: While I understand your concern, the mirrors I’ve added are already public mirrors, included on the lists for other projects. If they didn’t want to be generally used, they would somehow restrict access via other methods. I have no problems removing a listed mirror again, should they ask. And all sites get crawled regularly, including a User-Agent string of ‘mirrormanager’ which makes it easy enough to find me, should a mirror admin wish to.

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