Dell Linux Engineers work over 5000 bugs with Red Hat

A post today by Dell’s Linux Engineering team announcing support for RHEL 5.8 on PowerEdge 12G servers made me stop and think.  In the post, they included a link to a list of fixes and enhancements worked in preparing RHEL 5.8 for our new servers.  The list was pretty short. But that list doesn’t tell the whole story.

A quick search in Bugzilla for issues which Dell has been involved in since 1999 yields 5420 bugs, 4959 of which are CLOSED, and only 380 of which are still in NEW or ASSIGNED state, many of which look like they’re pretty close to being closed as well.  This is a testament to the hard work Dell puts into ensuring Linux “Just Works” on our servers, straight out of the box, with few to no extra driver disks or post-install updates needed to make your server fully functional.  You want a working new 12G server?  Simply grab the latest RHEL or SLES DVD image and go.  Want a different flavor of Linux?  Just be sure you’re running a recent upstream kernel – we push updates and fixes there regularly too.

Sure, we could make it harder for you, but why?

Congratulations to the Linux Engineering team for launching 12G PowerEdge with full support baked into Linux!  Keep up the good work!

10 thoughts on “Dell Linux Engineers work over 5000 bugs with Red Hat

  1. Any ideas if the Dell R720xd and C6220 servers with Raid Controller PERC H710 and Intel X540 ethernet controller 10BBASE-T will be supported in Linux kernel and if so what version?

  2. Can you recommend any dell RAID configurations where the RAID can be managed with standard gnu/linux “free software” tools and drivers? This would be a huge selling point.

  3. The entire Linux community owes much to the great support that Dell gives the Linux community, including partnering with Red Hat to work bugs upstream where they belong. It’s a big win for customers on all sides — hats off to the Dell team for their fabulous work.

    (I speak for myself here and not my employer, but I doubt you’ll find anyone who feels differently at Red Hat!)

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  5. … but I still cannot find a reasonably configured desktop or laptop computer from Dell retail channel that has any flavor of Linux pre-installed. If I want a laptop, I have to pay the Microsoft tax. — Just plain sux.

  6. mdomsch, please check this out:

    I wrote it a little over a year ago. Since then I have had plenty of other “fun” times with Dell and Linux. Like the R415’s I just deployed which would not work out of the box attached to a Dell 24 drive 2.5″ SAS JBOD via the external SAS connector (I don’t have the JBOD model number handy at the moment). I forget the particule error which was given which prevented the machine from booting but a RAID card firmware upgrade fixed it. They changed the install script in the firmware upgrade so I couldn’t just replace RHEL with CentOS or some such also. So I had to boot a CD ROM image. If it isn’t one thing it’s another…

    • Well, Matt, that’s admittedly a Good Thing [tm], but every time I boot Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5 on a Dell Blade I still see this:

      Call Trace:
      [] setup_irq+0x1b7/0x1cf
      [] serial8250_interrupt+0x0/0xfe
      [] request_irq+0xb0/0xd6
      [] serial8250_startup+0x43d/0x5dc
      [] uart_startup+0x76/0x16c
      [] uart_open+0x19e/0x427
      [] tty_open+0x1e8/0x3b0
      [] chrdev_open+0x14d/0x183
      [] chrdev_open+0x0/0x183
      [] __dentry_open+0xd9/0x1dc
      [] do_filp_open+0x2a/0x38
      [] do_sys_open+0x44/0xbe
      [] tracesys+0xd5/0xe0

      So there’s still lots of room for improvement.

  7. Matt, that’s very cool, and shows more dedication to Red Hat Enterprise Linux than even Red Hat has. I say that because Red Hat has never worked on or fixed a bug I’ve reported to them via their own paid support channels. Reporting it via Dell (or VMware) has always meant it will get looked at. They likely owe much of their customer base to you guys, and I’m hoping that relationship continues.

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