Heading to Portland for LinuxCon

I’ll be at LinuxCon in Portland this next week.  On Monday, 11:30am, I get to compete against Jon Corbet’s excellent Kernel Report and four other interesting topics, to present Dynamic Driver Injection, a method to simplify OS deployments on new servers.  If you’re at LinuxCon, I hope you will join me.

This will be my first trip to Portland.  I’m looking forward to it a lot.

One thought on “Heading to Portland for LinuxCon

  1. MAX (Metropolitan Area eXpress) is a nice way to get around Portland. It’s free in the “Fareless Square” and trains run very frequently. Here’s a map: http://trimet.org/maps/railsystem.htm

    Also, the absence of sales tax is wonderful. $5 footlongs at Subway are really only $5. No lies. But it’s not like for people like me in Washington where we can run down there and run back up with a TV. You can’t take a TV on a plane.

    All in all, Portland is a nice place to visit.

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