FUDCon Blacksburg videos

I shot videos of several of the presentations at the Fedora User and Developer Conference yesterday.  For your viewing pleasure:

  • “State of Fedora” from the Fedora Project Leader, Jared Smith [ogg]
  • Mike McGrath, team lead for OpenShift, demoing OpenShift [ogg]
  • Jon Masters and Chris Tyler, on the ARM architecture in Fedora [ogg]. ARM is a secondary architecture today.  By Fedora 18, with your help, it needs to become a primary architecture.
  • David Nalley presented on CloudStack, which is aiming for Fedora 17 inclusion. [ogg]
  • Dan Prince and Russell Bryant giving an introduction to OpenStack [ogg]
  • Mo Morsi presenting the Aeolus cloud management project [ogg]

[Update 1/18/2012] I was able to upload all the videos to YouTube.  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2BAA7FF83E6482C2
is a playlist with all 6.

OpenStack Conference Call for Speakers till Sept 6

OpenStack Community Manager Stephen Spector posted the OpenStack Conference Call for Speakers just a bit ago.  I’m pleased to be a part of the Program Committee for this conference, and encourage you to submit your presentation ideas.  There are two basic tracks, Business and Technical, and each session is planned to last only 30 minutes (so be concise!).

I look forward to meeting more members of the OpenStack community in Boston, October 5-7.  I love Boston in the Fall (or really anytime…).